Listen to great stories, and learn from people from all walks of life, including the many inspirational stories of the people of Cork City. Topics include success, business, art, life, travel, food, philosophy, nutrition, health, the unusual and unique, and the happenings of the Rebel City! 

About your host.

I was born and raised in mighty west Belfast, and have been residing in Cork since 2009.  I founded ACLAÍ in 2013, which is going from strength to strength in Cork as one of the leading strength and conditioning training facilities in the country. Our goal with ACLAÍ is to build a training method that provides a unique experience for all of our members, and brings us back to life from all the sitting down, technological overload, and speedy-paced living of the modern era.

I hope you enjoy The Rebel Matters Podcast, and I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts of your own on the content.To connect with me, leave me a message below in the comments.

Until then, sayonara amigo! Ainle

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